Beam and Block Floor Accessory

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Beam and Block Floor Accessory is an object that generates a beam and block floor system to the dimensions and shape of an ArchiCAD Slab, using the ArchiCAD Accessories.

  • A beam & block floor is generated as an "accessory" using, fitting to the size and shape of an ArchiCAD Slab element.
  • Default beam centres can be set, and individual centres can then be adjusted.
  • Offset for the location and angle for the floor's origin with 2D hotspots.
  • Select either single beam or double beam systems.
  • Specify beam and block dimensions.
  • Automatically remove blocks with a defined size.
  • Remove individual blocks from the floor using 3D hotspots.
  • Rotate blocks where beams are close together.
  • Different beam display and/or floor coverfill options for floor plans.
  • "Partial Structure Display" settings for 3D/sectional views.
  • Shadow casting options for 3D views.
  • Separate controls for 2D, 3D and sectional views.
  • Separate controls for beam, block, screed, insulation, floor finish and ceiling display.
For use with:
  • ARCHICAD 21 Teamwork / Solo

Instructions for use:

  1. Install the "Goodies" add-ons (
  2. If you have previously installed an ArchiCAD Hotfix update patch, this will need to be reinstalled after installing the Accessories (Check for Updates in ARCHICAD's Help menu).
  3. Launch ArchiCAD.
  4. Load the Beam & Block Accessory object into the Library Manager.
  5. Draw a slab where you would like to place the Beam & Block floor.
  6. Select the slab.
  7. Go to Design > Design Extras > Accessories > Slab Accessories
  8. Select the Beam & Block Accessory object and adjust the parameters as required.



Product Code: GDLACCBB21

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic - Quick & Easy

Having now used this object for a few months, I must say that its been a great help in conveying information to my clients and the design team in general. Not only does it look great in 3D, but the custom layers above and below the slab allow the object to be used not only for standard floors in construction, but also to illustrate layers in a sound insulating floor / party floor. Options to add layers above and / or below the beam and block floor allow for many variations of layer combination as required for Robust (sound) details. All this shown in section views is a great help and time saver, Technical help is great too should you need it. Highly recommend this object! Steve Iberle - SJI Designs Ltd

Steve Iberle - SJI Designs Ltd - Apr 12 2013, 15:46 PM