Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker™ for both PC and Mac operating systems is recognised as the leading out-of-the-box model checking solution, analysing Building Information Models for integrity, quality and physical safety. The system automates the analysis of BIM files for review, quality assurance, code compliance, and accuracy,  with easy-to-use visualisation and intuitive functionality.

Solibri Model Checker™ adds value throughout the life cycle of the building. It is extensively used a growing number of building owners, designers and construction companies, including:

  • Building owners: to check designs against program requirements.
  • Architects and Engineers: to assist in delivering cost-effectively high quality 3D building information models.
  • Construction companies: obtaining reliable and up-to-date cost estimates.
  • Facilities Management: FM operations for checking material life-cycle and maintainability.



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*Solibri Model Checker - Workstation Licence includes first year subscription. Subscription includes all upgrades and updates. Training is delivered on-line, one-to-one. Network versions of Solibri Model Checker™ are also available.

Product Code: SOLMDCH71

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